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Realtor FAQ

Here are step by step instructions to get the most out of Luxe List:

  1. Add your MLS listings to Listhub and choose Luxe List Home as one of your Regional Publishing Partners. If you need more information about ListHub and how to syndicate your luxury listings to Luxe List Home, click here.
  2. Once you've selected Luxe List Home as one of your Publishing Partners your ListHub luxury listings will automatically appear on
  3. Some of your luxury listings might not appear due to minimum price filters or other custom filters that we have in place.
  4. Price filters start at: US $2,000 a month for Rental listings and US $1,000,000 for Purchase listings.
  5. Please contact us for any special luxury listing that does not meet the filters mentioned above.
  6. Please make sure that you register on with the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS that you use for your MLS listing so all your qualified luxury listings will be identified as your own.
  7. Registration on is free.
  8. After successful activation of your Luxe List account, log into your Luxe List account.
  9. Under My Account > View / Edit MLS Listings you can now see all of your individual listings that we will display on
  10. To upgrade a listing to a FEATURED or PREMIER status, log in, then go to My Account > MLS Listings Upgrade or click the UPGRADE button that is next to your listing when browsing search results or metro pages.
  11. If you do not see one or more of your luxury listings and those listings meet the above mentioned filters please verify with ListHub that you have authorized Listhub to syndicate your listings to
  12. You can edit the description of your MLS listing on to emphasize certain luxury features and amenities you did not mention in your MLS listing content by using the Edit MLS Tool. Make sure you are registered with your MLS feed email address (see point 6), log in to your Luxe List account and then go to My Account > View / Edit MLS Listings.
  13. We will always display your preferred contact information alongside your listing and we never dilute your listing by selling advertising space to other agents or brokers on your listing detail page.