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Welcome to Luxe List Home, the premier online residential resource dedicated to connecting luxury home purchase and rental customers with the Finest Luxury Residences in the World's best cities.

At Luxe List Home we feature, score and certify a select collection of luxury residential purchase and rental options, including luxury single family homes, luxury villas, luxury condominiums and townhomes, luxury lofts, luxury apartments and luxury seasonal rentals in metropolitan areas we serve.

For the 2022 multifamily Luxe List, preeminent luxury apartment homes and communities were reviewed and scored using our proprietary patent-pending scoring system. Only the finest, Top 10% highest scoring luxury apartment homes and communities were rewarded as luxury leaders and Luxe List Home certified. Those homes are currently showcased on the prestigious Luxe List.

Realtor professionals can effortlessly upgrade their luxury listings of single family homes, villas, condominiums and townhomes, flats, lofts, and luxury seasonal rentals to "Featured" status to obtain optimum visibility on our site and they can even use our self guided patent pending scoring module to obtain a “Certified Luxe Score” for their luxury listings.

Our proprietary scoring matrix was derived directly from extensive consumer behavioral research and developed and refined utilizing our near 20 years of luxury residential development and property management experience. With our patent-pending scoring matrix, select property features and amenities are weighted and forced ranked by known consumer preferences. For more on the Luxe Scoring System, click here.

Luxe List Home understands that choosing a home is an emotional experience and that lifestyle is highly valued by both Luxury Purchasers and Luxury Renters. At we are committed to featuring only the World’s Finest Residences.